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Battuo vase "Molin" - Salvadore

Battuo vase "Molin" - Salvadore

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Ground vase, signed Salvadore. Made with Murano glass processing techniques.

15cm height 

16cm length

9cm depth

1 cm hole opening

704 g weight

Small vase by Studio Salvadore, interesting grinding work that runs along the surface of the vase with a honeycomb texture.

Grinding and beating are techniques, in use for many years, which allow you to "dig" the glass and create textures on the surface of the object or to remove the shine from shiny glass to create opaque areas with a pleasant tactile effect.

When the object has multiple layers of colored glass, deep etching, in this case beating , is applied to eliminate the first layer of color and make the underlying colors appear on the surface .

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