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An hourglass created using the lume technique. Available in a variety of colours and sizes. The two halves are blown and shaped by hand, heating the glass with a furnace called a cannello, and then are joined together, reheating the two parts where they meet (a technique called incalmo). These works are made by the glass master craftsmen Cortella and Ballarin.

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N.B. all measurements are approximate seeing as the objects are handmade one by one and without the use of a mould.


The lume, or lampwork, technique was already in use during the Renaissance in Venice, and consists of the modelling of glass which has already been made into long canes called canne.

The canes are melted and shaped under a horizontal flame fueled by methane gas and oxygen, called the cannello, or blow-torch.

The glass, once softened by the heat, is then modelled with specific instruments, to create final products of varying complexity.

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Altezza Medium - 15 cm c.a.

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